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3D Innovation

Enhance your Virtual Showroom with Life-Like Imagery & Video

Industry-leading 3D technology companies VNTANA and iStaging empower brands with the ability to showcase their products in life-like detail, enabling retailers to make informed buying decisions without having to view products in real-life. These partnerships help brands to reduce sampling needs, providing buyers an improved shopping experience while increasing production sustainability.

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Thanks to 3D renderings, brands are making design decisions without having to produce physical samples, creating an efficient and sustainable way to conduct business. Now you can present digital 3D samples on JOOR with a seamless integration of design assets into JOOR’s digital catalog and Virtual Showrooms.

Here’s what VNTANA’s 3D modeling has achieved for leading fashion and luxury brands:

  • Double conversion rates
  • Optimize the shopping experience with high-quality, fast-loading 3D assets
  • Increase the size of shopping carts
  • Improve the ease of product sharing across the web, social media, and more
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Why We Built JOOR Pay

  • Through conducting extensive research, JOOR found that cash flow, currency conversion, limited payment modalities, and inability to offer net terms without taking on risk are persistent concerns for finance teams.

  • We created JOOR Pay to help our brands receive faster payouts, save on payment costs, simplify foreign transactions, protect themselves from fraud, and outsource payments function and compliance—all for one fixed cost.
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Bring your designs and products to life digitally in an interactive 3D environment. Shoppable iStaging showrooms allow retailers to walk through a virtual space, explore products, shop the collection, add to cart, quantify units and sizes, and checkout—all in JOOR. Showrooms can also be displayed on The Edit to enhance your virtual shopping appointment with a life-like digital presentation.

Benefits of iStaging:

  • Create innovative, immersive video appointments that bridge the gap between virtual and physical selling
  • Extend access to your showroom with clients anywhere in the world, 24/7
  • Photograph your showroom and have it up and running within a day
  • Host the entire experience in JOOR for a seamless, in-platform buying workflow


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We were able to make a collection fully digital in a few days. 360 Product Technology is a great example of the energy and capability we have with a new tool.
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